The real commitment is relative to the actual needs after communication

Labor Dispatch

  • HR Outsourcing

    Outsource HR management affarirs to VME.

  • Headhunting

    Let VME Group help you find the most suitable candidates for all positions.

  • Unfit Employee Management

    Let VME Group manage unfit employees for your company.

HR Consultation

  • Work Rules Assessment

    Reduce risks of legal violation with professional knowledge.

  • Dispute Mediation

    Mediate disputes efficiently to avoid future lawsuits.

  • Labor Acccident Handling

    Help with insurance claim application, and stabilize HR costs.

Employee Training

  • Staff Education

    Elevate business value with staff skills improvement.

  • Work Safety Awareness

    Enhance the workplace safety awareness of employees.

  • Work Ethics

    Ensure that the employees have work ethics and team spirit.


  • Manpower Dispatch

    Assistance with recruitment and staff management.

  • Payroll Management

    Provide payroll services such as payroll design.

  • Insurance Management

    Assistance with insurance processing, such as labor insurance, health insurance… etc.

  • Time & Attendance

    Assistance with payroll settiement affairs related to time and attendance.


  • Salary Outsourcing

    Assistance with salary payment related affairs.

  • Labor Standards Issues

    Keeps an eye on regulatory changes and provide law related assistance.

  • Occupational Accident Prevention/Handling

    Helps business deal with/prevent occupational accident in compliance with OSH and Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act.


  • TTQS

    Help your company develop a systematic training plan.

  • Holiday Bonuses

    Helps with holiday bonus distribution on national holidays.

  • Seasonal Banquet

    Arrange periodical/non-periodical gathering events for employees.

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