Labor laws have become strcter and stricter over the years. Under the constant changes of the legal system, it is very likely for business personnel to overlook some minute details. In other words, business personnels may not have the time to check if every step of emergency handling is legal. According to statistics from June of 2021 to January of 2022, the following articles are the most violated laws: exceeding the maximum of overtime working hours, incorrect calculation of overtime payment, incorrect ways of wage paying, failing to schedule rest days accordint to the law.

The aforementioned legal items are not complex in nature, but possess minute details that require attention. Thus, legal responsibilty dispersion has become a popular concept. With VME’s 20 years in the HR industry, we have a strong sense of observation and sensitivity towards labor laws. VME can ensure the compliance of your HR practices, saving you the costs of legal fines.

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