2021.9.22 / Labor Law and Regulations / External Website

1. Labor Standard Act: Article 1 The Act is enacted to provide minimum standards for working conditions, protect workers’ rights and interests… (Please click here to see the complete act:  https://reurl.cc/Q6boKq) 2. Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act:
Article 1 The Rules are prescribed in accordance with Article 85 of the Labor Standards Act (here-in-after referred to as the Act)…(Please click here to see the complete act: https://reurl.cc/GbEY2p)
※If you have any questions regarding the Labor Standards Act (and its Enforcement Rules), please phone the Ministry of Labor at 02-8995-6866, or click the following link to visit their official website: https://reurl.cc/Ok3xrD 3. Labor Incident Act: Article 1 This Act is enactedfor the purposes of ensuring expeditious,proper, professional, effective and equal treatment of labor cases… (Please click here to see the complete act: https://reurl.cc/mv3QOj) ※If the questions are in regards to the Labor Incident Act, please phone the Judicial Yuan at 02-2361-8577, or click the following link for phone numbers of other administrative departments: https://reurl.cc/73Q6Q1