2021.9.22 / Recruitment Related / Experience Sharing

A resume if usually the first means of contact that an interviewer has with job seekers. Therefore, analyzing resumes is one of the primary jobs of a HR staff member. If the staff fails to understand what the interviewer would like to see, or fail to filter information on resumes effectively, the entire recruitment process may lose its efficiency. As a result, knowing how to review resumes effectively is crucial for any position in the HR department.
Determine A Candidate’s Compatibility with the Job Position
Work experience is one of the key points when reviewing a potential employee. The work experience of a person can tell you not only about basic information, such as how experienced the person is in the industry, their abilities …etc. If the review was done correctly, one can know of the candidate’s working habits and more. During a review of a job applicant, HR assistant can look for the following 3 points during the description of their work experience, to see if they are a suitable candidate:1. A Higher Level of Proactivity in the Description If an applicant uses proactive/dominant words (such as: planning, executing…etc.) when describing their past experiences, it may suggest that they have an active personality. In addition, it may suggest that they possess critical thinking skills, or have the ability to utilize their past experiences with their future endeavors. 2. A Quantified Description of Work Experiences If an applicant uses numbers to quantify the past experiences, it may suggest that they have a clearer understanding of what their job entails, and have the ability to conduct data analysis. 3. A Clear Presentation of Results If the content of the resume is presented with clarity, If may suggest that the applicant has the ability to convey information to others efficiently. In other words, this type of applicant may be great at communication, or data analysis.