The Ministry of Labor’s 3 Measures in Response to the Climbing Unemployment Rates During the Pandemic

2021.7.22 / PEO Related / External Website

Unemployment rate has been on the rise since the Level 3 Pandemic Alert went effective in June. The Ministry of Labor has announced the following 3 major policies in order to ease the financial strain of the unemployed, and encourage them to apply for job vacancies at companies which are suffering from labor shortage due to the pandemic.

1. Part-time jobs of public sectors:

The central and local government has offered about 20000 part-time job vacancies. The restriction on the working hours and requirement to apply for said jobs is also looser than before.

2. Steady Employment Plan:

Employers who hired people via the Public Employment Service Institution before September 30th will be rewarded with an employment bonus. The employees will also be rewarded with an allowance.

3. Labor shortage employment bonus:

Those who are employed via the Public Employment Service Institution into short-staffed industries will be paid am employment subsidy under the Steady Employment Plan. They can also apply for the Labor Shortage Employment Bonus.

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