Performance Appraisal and Labor Relations_Part-time Employees

2021.12.2 / PEO / VME Labor Contract_Labor-Payment Consideration In terms of labor contracts, there should be labor law related items listed, such as: payroll structure, benefits, wage and hours, salary… and so on. Appraisals that are related to each item are going to play a huge role in labor-management interaction, and even labor consideration. Therefore, […]

Wage And Hour Law Changes in 2022

2021.12.1 / Labor Law and Regulations / External Website The Minimum Wage Review Committee has announced a change in minimum wage on October 8th, 2021. Effective January 1st, 2022, the minimum wage will be raised to 168 NTDs per hour, and 25,250 NTDs per month (roughly a 5.21% raise). Human resource expenses, such as labor […]

In the Name of “Poor Performance,” Unemployment During the Pandemic and Its Legitimacy

2021.11.25 / PEO Related / External Website It is often the employer’s intuitive response to fire any employee that has poor work performance. However, firing an employee for poor performance without any pre-unemployment measures can be illegal. The following explains the reason for the action’s illegality, and how to prevent said situation from happening. 1. […]

Laws and Regulations (External Website)

2021.9.22 / Labor Law and Regulations / External Website 1. Labor Standard Act: Article 1 The Act is enacted to provide minimum standards for working conditions, protect workers’ rights and interests… (Please click here to see the complete act: 2. Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act: Article 1 The Rules are prescribed in accordance with […]